The imminent completion of construction of the city crematorium was announced by the press service of PAO Voronezhskoe Pokhoronnoe Byuro (Voronezh Funeral Home) on Tuesday, October 15. The entrance unit is currently being faced with granite slabs, this work is planned to be completed within two weeks.

All utility lines have been connected to the crematorium building, the interior decoration has been completed, the equipment of the Czech company TABO, which is considered environmentally friendly, has been installed. Also, the contractor built a parking lot on the crematorium territory, paved the road adjacent to the facility, put the lighting in place, and arranged areas for the lawns. The area in front of the crematorium was laid with paving tiles.

The Regional Inspectorate of State Construction Supervision will check the facility for compliance with the design project. The opening is scheduled for early 2020.

he construction of the crematorium began in May 2018 at the Southwest Cemetery. Residents of residential estates "Scandinavia" and "New Bombay" were unhappy with the future neighbor - the construction of the crematorium caused controversy and public gatherings. The funeral home notes that the crematorium will extend the life of the Beryozovsky Cemetery, the only one operating in the city since it will exceed its life cycle in the coming years.