The second last match of Voronezh “Buran” within the regular Supreme Hockey League (SHL) season ended in Krasnodar. “Buran” (“Snowstorm”) outplayed “Kuban” scoring four unanswered goals.

The Voronezh players opened the scoring the final minute into the first period - Alexander Shcherbina from the left side of the rink sent the puck to his namesake Mayer, who got the goal.

“Kuban” almost tied the score in the second period during the power play. The puck several times passed near the Dennis Cherepanov’s goals. The Voronezh guys outstayed playing shorthanded and even had two goal chances during several seconds. The defenseman of the home team Vladimit Vorobiev was suspended on the 23rd minute. “Buran”’s power play gave the results: Roman Smirnov assisted another defenseman Victor Dovgan to get the goal - 0:2. The next attack Constantin Mayorov assisted Shcherbina who delivered the puck - 0:3.

Two minutes after the third puck the guest’s coach replaced the goalkeeper - Eduard Reyzviha was changed by Nikita Davydov. The home team pulled together, upped the intensity, but missed again, even during the power play. On the 35th minute, Alexander Shcherbina and Alexander Mayer got the puck in their zone and ran against the defenseman, and Meyer coolly outplayed Davydov - 0:4.

The home team tried to deliver the puck several times at the third period, but Denis Cherepanov did the great job. “Kuban” team was just unlucky in some situations. As a result, Voronezh team won.