Sturgeon breeding farm will open in the village of Orlovo of Novousmansky District in the spring of 2020. The project is being implemented by a local investor with his own funds. This was reported to the RIA Voronezh correspondent by the district administration on Monday, December 9.

The fish farm will breed sturgeon year-round. The production process technologies will allow ensuring a significant increase in fish growth due to optimal living conditions, as well as complete independence from the outdoor environment. The enterprise is planning to produce about 2 tons of caviar and about 50 tons of sturgeon per year.

The production process on the farm will be almost completely automated. At least 30 jobs will be created to service the equipment and ensure the work of the farm.

“Seafood and fish are the goods the region does not fully provide itself with yet. The aquaculture market in Russia is not very developed, which means that the enterprise has great potential,” head of Novousmansky District Dmitry Maslov said in a conversation with the RIA Voronezh correspondent.