79% of citizens in Voronezh highly appreciated the public transport and traffic police work. This data was presented by the researchers at the Financial University at the Government of the Russian Federation on Tuesday, October 2.

The analysts surveyed residents of cities with a population of more than 250 thousand people. On average, 82% of the respondents rated positively the work of public transport in the country. As for the traffic police’s work, this figure was 79%.
The roads condition in the cities received less positive reviews. In Voronezh, 51% of the respondents rated the quality of the road surface positively. As for the nationwide statistics, 63% of the respondents rated the roads well.

Compared to the figures for 2017, the percentage of people satisfied with public transport has not changed. The number of people, who are satisfied with the work of traffic police, has increased slightly, together with the number of those who rate the roads well.