Specialists of Voronezhstalmost intend to make a new model of barca-longa Mercury. The old ship has decayed and will be discarded, Acting CEO of the plant Sergei Mukha reported to the RIA “Voronezh” correspondent on Thursday, July 5.

– The body of the current barca-longa looks like a sieve, it is rusted through and cannot be restored. The sails have been stolen a long time ago, and only the masts remain. But using old masts for new sails is not a very good idea, - Sergei Mukha told.

According to him, specialists of the enterprise intend to make a new ship model – it will be identical to the current one. No old parts are planned to be used. Sergei Mukha added that they would try to make the new Mercury by the City Day.

– Right now we are creating a 3D model of the ship’s body. It will be the same as its predecessor in terms of size and structure, - Acting CEO of Voronezhstalmost reported.

This decision has not yet been approved by the authorities, but Sergei Mukha noted that the plant was ready to build the model at its own expense.

– We have both the materials and the staff, so we can manage this on our own, - Sergei Mukha explained.

The Mercury ship model mounted in the Voronezh Water Reservoir in 1972 was dismantled on May 29. The emergency recovery works will be held in the summer. Head of the Municipal Council of Levoberezhny District offered Victor Neberkutin, Mercury’s creator and design engineer, to take part in the restoration of the monument.

Once restore, the ship will be mounted near the wall stela in Levoberezhny District (Ilyicha bus stop). Right now it is at the Voronezhstalmost Plant.

The first talk of restoring the monument began in 2006. The restoration works were estimated at 200 thousand rubles. In February of 2015, the Voronezh City Hall again proposed removing the Mercury model from the pedestal. The monument was supposed to be thoroughly examined. However, the Voronezh authorities did not find the funds for repairing the Mercury model.

In the spring of 2018, the Public Council under the Regional Department of Architecture and City Planning addressed Voronezh Mayor Vadim Kstenin asking him to save the copy of barca-longa Mercury mounted in the Voronezh Water Reservoir. The open letter to the Head of the City was published on April 12. The activists uploaded a picture to the Internet with two photographs taken a year apart. The photos indicate how fast the ship model is decaying and leaning on its side towards the water.

Barca-longa Mercury was mounted prior to filling the Voronezh Water Reservoir with water near VOGRES Bridge in 1972. As noted by City Hall representatives, the monument was mounted without the corresponding design project or documentation – sort of built by the people. The ship is a copy of barca longa Mercury which has participated in Peter the Great’s Kerch Campaign.