The technical launch of a “dry” fountain took place on Sovetskaya Square in Voronezh on Wednesday, October 4. The object was opened as part of square’s reconstruction which is to be finished in May of 2018. Governor of the Voronezh Region Alexey Gordeev checked out the progress of the works on Sovetskaya Square.

The water basin of the fountain is placed lower than the ground level. The nozzles are mounted into the stone pavement. The work of the fountain is accompanied by a sound-and-light show. For the winter, the fountain will be replaced with an ice rink.

Within the first stage, the constructors finished paving 4.7 thousand square meters which is more than half of the square. The paving tile is created using German technology – the facing layer is made of natural stone. The pavement has rugged coverage which allows riding on roller-blades or a skate. Governor Alexey Gordeev asked if the tile was waterproof. The constructors assured him that there would be no problems with the coating. The Head of the Region promised to come to Sovetskaya Square in early November to check out the work progress.

The context

The reconstruction of the public garden on Sovetskaya Square is implemented as part of the urban environment forming programme. The first stage of the works began in June of 2017. It included installation of litter bins and street lights as well as hardscape elements. The park will also have bird cherries, maples, apple trees, reed grass and moor grass.

After the reconstruction, the public garden will have a fountain zone, a parking lot, public restrooms, a street sports ground, children’s playgrounds, a food court and a square for holding city holidays and festivals. There will be no spontaneous parking opposite of the entrance to the concert hall. The car zone to the right of the cathedral will be expanded, and a parking lot will be created along October 25th and Teatralnaya streets. Surveillance, watermatics, broadcast and internet access systems will be mounted at the square as well.

In September of 2017, Alexey Gordeev visited the site of the future square. The Governor ordered to carry out the maximum amount of work before December 1. Alexey Gordeev stressed that he would personally supervise the course of the works and visit the site on the first day of every month. The Head of the Region ordered to open the square by May 1 of 2018.