The options for placing the House of Animation were discussed by Head of the Region Alexander Gusev at the meeting with Executive Producer of Wizart Animation Vladimir Nikolaev and producer Vadim Nikolaev on Wednesday, July 4. Several options of building’s locations have been considered.

One of the possible places for the construction of the House of Animation is a land lot at 3, Kukolkin Street. Alexander Gusev noted that this city block’s development project needs to be taken into account during the construction. At the end of the meeting the Head of the Region assigned the Region Government representatives who participated in the negotiations to specify the land lot for the construction.

The creation of the Animation House was first mentioned in 2015. It is supposed to hold an animation museum, a school for animators and a hostel for the staff of the studio. Wizart Animation executives had asked the Governor to provide a land lot for the construction already in 2016.

Later, graduate of the Voronezh University for Architecture and Civil Engineering Margarita Gurina introduced a project of the building for the Voronezh animation studio Wizart Animation. The Author offered to place the complex on the slope of the hill on Darwin Street. The total area of the building is 15.8 thousand square meters. After that the studio representatives reported that that they had picked the land lot for building the House of Animation on Petrovskaya Embankment.

The construction of the House of Animation in Voronezh is planned to start in 2019. The construction must be preceded by many phases including public hearings and the project and budget approval procedure.