“Painting by Serge Hollerbach. For the 95th Anniversary” exhibition opened on the second floor of the exhibition hall of the Voronezh Regional Kramskoy Museum of Fine Arts (18 Prospekt Revolutsii) on Thursday, December 6. The exhibition will run until January 20. Admission by ticket.

The exhibition includes paintings and graphic works by Serge Hollerbach from the Kramskoy Museum’s collection, the House of The Russian Abroad of A. Solzhenitsyn and the personal collection of Voronezh film director Yelena Rodina. The exhibition shows about 50 works of the artist, created in different years.

Serge Hollerbach is one of the prominent artists of the Russian diaspora. Since the 1950s, the painter has been living in New York. Serge Hollerbach lived in Voronezh with his parents from 1935 to 1937. The 11-year-old boy attended the art studio at the House of Pioneers, and it was in Voronezh that he decided to become an artist. The painter’s personal archive stores newspaper materials about the youth exhibition in the Voronezh House of Pioneers, in which little Hollerbach also took part.

Today Serge Hollerbach is not only a successful artist whose works are kept and exhibited in many Western galleries, but also a poet and a publicist. The 95-year-old author has a book of poems, an autobiography, a collection of essays and notes about life in New York in Russian, as well as several publications in English.

Serge Hollerbach has preserved friendly ties with our city to this day. In 2017, Voronezh film director Yelena Rodina (creative pseudonym El Earthbourne) shot a documentary about him. A well-known Voronezh actor, a professor at the Voronezh Institute of Arts, Yevgeny Spepykh, recorded an audiobook in which he read Hollerbach’s autobiography written in Russian. Voronezh local historian, a historian Oleg Lasunsky often communicates with the artist by telephone and contributed to the publication of his book of poems in the Voronezh publishing house.

– Serge Hollerbach is a very penetrating artist. He looks inside people and sees their very essence. It is no coincidence that the term “Hollerbach’s freaks” has repeatedly appeared in art criticism. Indeed, the Americans, whom he likes to paint, are hyperbolic. His style differs from the one to which we are accustomed to see in the Soviet artists – photographically realistic. Everything is completely original, unique, he grabs people in public places and reflects their characters in quick sketches, Oleg Lasunsky said at the opening of the exhibition.

At the opening ceremony, the visitors were shown Serge Hollerbach’s video message. The artist thanked his friends from Voronezh and the Kramskoy Museum, which provided the site for the exhibition.

– I lived in Voronezh for two years, and it was a difficult time for the city and for the country, but I was happy here. My hometown is Tsarskoye Selo and Leningrad, but these cities were part of the Russian Empire, created by Peter I. In Voronezh, I became acquainted with deep Russia, I understood here the charm of Russian nature, its people. Voronezh became my second hometown. It’s great that a single informational and cultural space has now been created, thanks to which the works of artists in Russia and the work of us, the emigrants, who happened to be far from their homeland, have united. Many emigrants dreamed about this – to return to Russia with their creativity. Many of them simply did not live to see this, but I did, and I am very grateful for this, Serge Hollerbach said