The “Lyudi I Veshchi” (People and Things) exhibition has opened at the Voronezh Kramskoi Regional Art Museum on Thursday, September 13. The exposition was timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Voronezh State University and the 85th anniversary of the Kramskoi Museum. The exhibition featured the works that had represented the first core of the museum collection. Most of them have never been exhibited before.

Many of the works included in the exposition first ended up in Voronezh in 1918 when the University of Yuryev (currently the University of Tartu) was evacuated to the city. The university included the Museum of Antiques and Fine Arts which at the time had already owned a vast collection of arts and crafts. The Voronezh State University was created on the basis of the University of Yuryev, and in 1933 the collection of the Museum of Antiques and Fine Arts was handed over to the specifically founded Voronezh Regional Art Museum for better preservation. Thus, the VSU and the museum were inextricably connected from the very beginning of their history. The anniversary exhibition has demonstrated it with a set of rare exhibits.

The exposition includes paintings, engravings, sculptures and pencil drawings of western artists of XVI-XIX centuries. These works used to the “core” of the collection of the Museum of Antiques and Fine Arts. They have been kept in Voronezh for already 100 years. Also, at the exhibition, one can see gypsum copies of archeological antiques –crockery, arms, idol statues.

These things don’t have any art or historical value, but they illustrate the way schooling used to happen in the times when there was no Internet. Among the exhibits of the anniversary exhibition, there are also works obtained by the museum staff already in Voronezh.

Even today, the main exposition of the Kramskoi Museum features many works that go back to the collection of the Museum of Antiques and Fine Arts of the University of Yuryev. To stress the importance of his continuity, the museum staff marked out these exhibits with separate signs. So, the main exposition became an extension of the anniversary exhibition project. Both the main exposition and the exhibition hall can be visited with a single ticket.

The “Lyudi I Veshchi” exhibition will be open at the Kramskoi Museum until November 18.