The “My Business” Center opened in Voronezh at 21 Svobody Street as part of the national project “Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and the Support of Individual Entrepreneurship Initiatives” on Wednesday, December 25. In the new office, entrepreneurs will be able to get the necessary services on a one-stop basis. The center provides over 200 services including consultations on the measures of state support for small and medium-sized enterprises, the opening of sole proprietorships and LLCs, on training in a wide range of educational programs, consultations in the field of labor and tax legislation.

The official opening ceremony was attended by Governor Alexander Gusev - he cut the red ribbon.

The work of the office was clearly demonstrated to the Head of the Region. The innovative “My Business” Center has a reception, waiting and information areas with 10 windows for receiving visitors, four meeting rooms, a training room, and a large conference room equipped with video-conferencing systems, professional acoustic and presentation equipment.

“The opening of the center is a very important event which I hope is also useful for entrepreneurs. We are reproducing the format of an already existing project which has proved itself positively: it used to be called MFTs, now it is “Moi Dokumenty” (My Documents). The format is just right: we do not force a person addressing his task to the authorities to go to many offices but provide an opportunity to solve everything on a one-stop basis. I hope that this one-stop format will work efficiently and all its effects will be reflected in the increasing number of entrepreneurs in the Voronezh Region,” said Alexander Gusev. “We moved here all our institutions engaged in supporting small business. We will also try to build up the informational work here so that people know about the next steps in the strengthening of state support. Several programs are already being formed right now - I am sure that the business community will be interested in them and will be able to enter them. Starting with January 2020, the position of the Commissioner for the Rights of Entrepreneurs will be introduced, his office will also be located here. Soon we will decide on the person to take this position.”

According to Alexander Gusev, he has no doubt that “My Business” will work efficiently, but there are yet no plans for creating other similar centers:

“For now we are aiming for this center to be one-of-a-kind - let's see how it will work. In my opinion, this is the right call because we have already gone a long way with interacting with citizens through “Moi Dokumenty” - this is a very good project with great feedback, it allowed the residents to greatly simplify the difficulties with processing and obtaining documents. I am convinced that these processes will be properly organized here as well because there is accumulated experience. The task will rather be to promote entrepreneurship and engage as many people as possible by simplifying the process of the first step in entering entrepreneurship: paperwork, obtaining documents, obtaining information and the state support measures themselves.”

The opening of the center was a long-awaited event for local entrepreneurs. The founder of confectionery and the winner of the contest “Young Entrepreneur of Russia” Yevgeny Kuzmin believes that “My Business” will above all help the young entrepreneurs:

“When I created my business in 2013, I had a lot of questions that were difficult to get answers to, because all government agencies working with the business were quite fragmented, isolated from each other. Now that they are under the same roof and have provide convenient and comprehensible access, it will be much easier for any novice entrepreneur to find answers to questions that arise at the initial stage. I like that the new center is ready to adapt to the needs of entrepreneurs. I want a very strong entrepreneurial community to emerge on the basis of this center, because at the beginning of the journey, many have a need for this very environment of entrepreneurs from whom they can get feedback.