A new method for producing inulin was developed at the Voronezh State University. Associate professor at the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology of the Faculty of Pharmacy Nina Dyakova offered a quick and cheap way to produce this substance, the press service of the university reported on Tuesday, December 17.

“The patented inulin production technologies available today are known for their product yield and time-consuming preparation of the product. Biologically active substances can be extracted from plants several times more efficiently by using ultrasound at a frequency of 19-44 kHz. AS opposed to the existing inulin production technologies, the proposed methods can reduce the process duration from 3-5 days to 4-5 hours. At the same time, the amount of produced inulin is increased,” explained Nina Dyakova.

The method proposed by the employee of the Voronezh State University will allow for producing inulin on an industrial scale in the Russian Federation and reduce the cost of the finished product by 64%.

Inulin is a substance is used in medicines and in cosmetology. It has moisturizing and prebiotic effects. In addition, it is a popular sugar substitute for patients with diabetes. Inulin is also used as a fat substitute in the production of low-calorie confectionery and dairy products.