Employees of Voronezh Regional Hospital No. 1 and Municipal Polyclinic No. 7 tested the electronic format of issuance of sick leave certificates, the Press Service of the Regional Office of the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation reported on Wednesday, June 14. They worked out the system at all stages – from the moment of requesting the number of the sick leave certificate on the Social Insurance Fund’s server to the receipt of this certificate by the employer. The experiment was successful.

Electronic sick leave certificates will be introduced in the Voronezh Region on July 1. The patient will also need to come to the doctor’s office, but the patient will not be given the certificate as the doctor will upload the data into computer.

The new format of issuing sick leave certificates, approved by President Vladimir Putin on May 1, 2017, will be implemented in stages. At the first stage of the new format, Voronezh residents will be able to choose between the paper and electronic certificates.

Electronic sick leave certificates already operate in the Astrakhan, Belgorod and some other regions. The new system will reduce the time to complete the certificate and eliminate errors. Employees will not have to go to the clinic several times to re-register the sick leave certificates, in addition, they shall not be afraid of losing them. The employers will not have to maintain a cumbersome archive of such documents. The possibility of falsification of the certificates will be excluded.