Japanese artist Katsura Utazo will introduce a stage production in “Rakugo” comedy genre in Voronezh at 19:00 on Wednesday, October 17, the organizers reported. The performance will take place at the Actor’s House (5, Dzerzhinsky Street) as part of the events of the mutual Year of Russia in Japan and the Year of Japan in Russia.

Rakugo is a literary and theatre genre created in XVI–XVII centuries. It implies sketches performed by professional storytellers (rakugoka). Rakugo may be represented by an anecdote or a story. The comedy element in the stories is introduced by situations the characters end up in and wordplay.

The stage production will be performed in Japanese with Russian subtitles. To attend the performance, register by calling 220 81 39 or by e-mailing to vrrc@yandex.ru.