The exhibition of genuine works by Salvador Dali opened at Expo Event-Hall of City Park “Grad” on Friday, September 7. The unique exposition became a part of the inter-regional exhibition-sale of painting, graphics, sculpture and decorative art items “Art-Voronezh”. It will be open until Sunday, September 16.

Salvador Dali’s illustrated Scripture Biblia Sacra was brought to Voronezh. It includes 70 lithographs made in mixed technique. The artist received Vatican’s proposal to create a biblical series of works in 1963. Dali chose the chapters and the way to depict them. The results of the large-scale work were 105 illustrations to the Old and New Testaments printed on hand-made paper. In 1967, the Salvador Dali’s Bible was published in Milan. The first copy in a binding of white Florentine leather with gold trim was presented to the Pope.

– It seemed to us a good idea to bring the exhibition to Voronezh. I am sure that there are great cultural traditions here, and our exposition will be in demand, Sergey Shamshura, the organizer of the exhibition, General Director of DonExpoCentre.

Voronezh residents are also shown two series of engravings: “Quest for the Grail” and “The 12 Tribes of Israel”. The first is made in “dry needle”, a graphic technique, which was invented by Dali. Salvador Dali created his colored engravings “The 12 Tribes of Israel” inspired by the story of the 12 sons of Jacob. In this work, the artist depicted the history of the Jewish people in a surrealistic manner.

– We brought the original series of graphic works by the great surrealist Salvador Dali. They are united by the divine theme. One of the greatest and most beautiful works on the Bible has already exhibited in Rostov, the Hermitage in St. Petersburg and at other venues. We have acquired “Quest for the Grail” and “The 12 Tribes of Israel” just recently. I am pleased that their debut took place in Voronezh, Pavel Bashmakov, the co-owner of PS Gallery, said.

The opening of the exhibition began with a spectacular number: an artist painted a portrait of Dali with sequins for a few minutes.

You will be able to learn about the life and work of the artist in the interactive zone. Salvador Dali’s quotes, famous art and jewelry works, facts from his biography are shown there.

“Art-Voronezh” exhibition presents works by Russian and foreign masters. Voronezh residents will be able to buy paintings, graphics, sculptures, tapestries, stained-glass windows and other goods. Master classes for children and adults on needlework and painting, performances of music and dance bands will be held every day during “Art-Voronezh” exhibition.