The Voronezh Aviation Plant has begun to assemble the first IL-96-400M, RIA Novosti has reported, citing the Press Service of the Aviation Complex named after S.V. Ilyushin on Tuesday, November 20. The aircraft  will be presented in 2019.

Mounting the aircraft began with the glider elements assembly. According to the company representatives, “the work is being carried out actively. The design documentation development works are at the final stage.”

The wide-body long-haul airliner IL-96-400M is created on the basis of the IL-96. It will be distinguished with a longer fuselage and new PS-90A engines. The capacity of the liner is 400 passengers. The aircraft will be put into operation in 2020.

Before the creation of new aircrafts, the Russian Government planned to allocate another 1.17 billion rubles to the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC). This money was directed to the development of the infrastructure of the Voronezh Aviation Plant (VASO). The capitalization increase is one of the first steps in the deployment of mass production of the IL-96-400M. At the same time, experts doubt the demand for IL-96-400M in commercial aviation. The first Il-96-400M aircrafts will be sent primarily to “Russia” special detachment, which transports high-ranking officials.