The Divnogorye Natural Reserve Museum won in the Technology and Tools category with the Divnoland project in the Museum 4.0 contest of the Museum without Borders program of the Potanin Charity Fund. This was reported on the website of the museum on Wednesday, June 3. The project is an outdoor playground in the recreation area of the reserve.

The author of the Divnoland project is Yulia Gorodtsova, a junior researcher at the Natural Reserve Museum. It is planned that the site will consist of a fortress on the basis of the Mayatskaya (Khazar) Fortress and the Fortress of the Belgorod Abatis Line. For children, they will make interactive objects that help to study the monuments of archeology more closely.

485 projects from 74 regions of the country applied for the grant fund of 50 million rubles. 16 organizations have won. 2 million rubles were allocated for the implementation of the Divnogorye project.