The construction of a contemporary art center has begun in the Voronezh park Orlyonok, representatives of the Press Service of the City Hall reported to the RIA “Voronezh” correspondent on Tuesday, October 9. An information stand was installed at the construction site.

The construction of the building will follow the “Matryoshka” project of Voronezh architect Olga Kovalyova. The total area of the three-storey building with a basement level and panoramic windows will amount to 1.4 thousand square meters. Olga Kovalyova named her project “Matryoshka” considering “the Russian perception stereotypes”.

The park renovation will end by April of 2020. Orlyonok will have eight functional zones among which will be a dog walking site, sports, playground and memorial zones as well as a food court zone. The changes include reconstruction of park’s pathways along with the addition of new ones, the creation of a water disposal system, development of the “Bed of Honor №14” Memorial territory, and maintenance of the entrance unit from the direction of the intersection of Friedrich Engels and Feokistov streets. The contractor will also repair the fountain, implement an automatic sprinkling system and mount a public restroom.

The reconstruction of the park was included in the co-funding programme for 2019. The Voronezh City Hall applied for receiving 3.2 billion rubles from the regional budget as part of the regional targeted investment programme.