South-Eastern Railway will launch additional long-distance trains from April 28 to May 12, the Press Service of the company reported. The trip frequency will be increased due to the traditionally boosted demand on holidays and pre-holiday days.

Additional Voronezh – Volgograd train № 208/207 will depart from Voronezh on May 11 at 19:05. The traveling time will be 11 hours 56 minutes. The train will arrive in Volgograd at 7:01 on May 12. The additional train will depart from Volgograd on May 12 at 21:47 and arrive in Voronezh on May 13 at 11:35.

Moreover, South-Eastern Railway will launch two additional Moscow – Voronezh trains. Train № 223/224 will leave Moscow on April 28 at 20:50 and arrive in Voronezh on April 29 at 8:55. The train will depart from the Voronezh train station on May 1 at 22:10 and arrive in Moscow on May 2 at 11.19. Second train № 227/228 from Moscow to Voronezh will depart on April 28 at 11:18 and arrive at its destination point at 21.48. It will head for Moscow from Voronezh on May 2 at 10:30 and arrive on 22:28 the same day.