In the first quarter of 2019, all narrowly focused specialists in the Voronezh Region will be connected to the Joint Regional Information System in Health Care (ERISZ). The addition of the primary link – general practitioners and pediatricians – has already begun and will be finished before the end of 2018. This was reported by Acting Head of the Regional Department of Health Care Alexander Shchukin to Minister of Health Care Veronica Skvortsova. The Minister arrived in Voronezh with a work visit on Friday, July 20.

As Deputy Head of the Front Office of the Regional Department of Health Care Sergei Kostin explained to the RIA “Voronezh” reporter, the Joint Information System will contain all the data regarding a patient.

– For example, a person comes to a clinic, then checks into an in-patient hospital on the other end of the city, gets examined, and submits tests. All the data is stored in a single archive. And during the next visit a doctor at any medical facility of the region will be able to review it. There also will be a so-called PACS-system for archiving diagnostic researches. It means that if a person takes an MRT test, the image and the description will be available in electronic form. As a result, each patient will have his own integrated electronic chart by the end of the year. All the data regarding a patient will be added to it. Right now we are working on the software. We will start adding commercial health care facilities in 2019, - Sergei Kostin told.

During her work visit, the Minister of Health Care inspected Voronezh hospitals №3 and №8 where the “My Polyclinic” project is being implemented. Alexander Shchukin reported to Veronica Skvortsova, Acting Governor Alexander Gusev and Vice Speaker of the Federation Council Galina Karelova about the results of the “My Polyclinic” programme. In four medical institutions participating in the pilot project, the waiting time for patients pre-scheduled for a visit to a district doctor has decreased from eight to two days.

– Your goal is for all medical institutions to be connected to the regional system. In whole, you did well. This is a very good result, - the Minister of Health Care resumed the meeting.

RIA “Voronezh” note for information

The Ministry of Health Care started launching the Joint Regional Information System in Health Care (ERISZ) in 2018. The system stores and provides information for both patients (electronic medical charts, doctor appointments and telemedicine) and the Ministry of Health Care itself: monitoring of procurements, shipping and remainder medicine, the data regarding the state of medical facilities and medical personnel.