A feature film Zemun will be shot in Novokhopyorsky District. This was discussed at the meeting of the head of the district Viktor Petrov with representatives of Rock Films on Wednesday, July 22.

Zemun is a parable film about the return of a son to his native village after hearing the news of his father's death. The protagonist will face not only the funeral but also his father's debts, reconciliation with his younger brother, finding love for his native land, and fighting for his values against a businessman who wants to take the land and cattle away from his brothers by force.

The project is carried out with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. The film was directed by Eduard Zholnin, a graduate of the St. Petersburg State Academy of Theatre Arts and of the Free Cinema School. The artistic director and executive producer of the film is People's Artist of the Russian Federation Alexei Uchitel.

‘The picturesque nature of the Novokhopyorsk District attracted close attention of the film director who repeatedly visited our region and chose it as the place where the main action of the film will unfold. We are ready to provide all possible assistance in organizing the shooting process. The crew will be provided with conditions for full-fledged work, and after the release of the film, the Novokhopersky District will receive the recognition that will bring its tourist attractiveness to a new level,’ Viktor Petrov noted.

It is planned that the preparatory and filming periods for the film will run from mid-August to late September. Both famous Russian actors and actors from Voronezh theatres will be involved in the filming. The main part will be played by Yevgeny Tkachuk known to the audience for his role as Grigory Melekhov in Tikhy Don (And Quiet Flows the Don) directed by Sergei Ursulyak (the film was shot in 2015). The actor also starred in the films Moscow Saga, The Eighties, Gagarin: First in Space, Odessa Steamer, and others. According to the film's unit production manager Dmitry Grebennikov, the crew is also looking for a fair-haired and blue-eyed seven year old local boy who can swim for participation in the film.

The Zemun project was presented to the expert council for national fiction films of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation in the summer of 2019. Eduard Zholnin noted that he had been preparing for working on the film for five years.

Rock Films founded in 1991 by the documentary filmmaker Alexei Uchitel got its name from the film of the same name filmed by Uchitel during the perestroika period. Both feature films and documentaries are shot at the studio. One of the priority areas of work is the studio's debut program thanks to which many young and talented directors have the opportunity to shoot their first full-length film. The studio's films have won over 160 prizes at various international festivals.