The Regional Directorate of Civil Registration of the Voronezh Region has named the most unusual and most popular names given by the region’s residents to their newborns from January to September of 2018. Among the rare male names, the Civil Registration staff marked out Tarif-Prince, Caesar, Richi-Alexander, Michael and Vanya (not Ivan). Among the female ones – Russia, Loya, Krasava, and Sonya (not Sofya).

In 2018, boys were most often named Artyom. 483 children have received this name. The second place was taken by Alexander (438), the third – by Dmitry (370), the fourth – by Ivan (364), the fifth – by Mikhail (361).

The leader among female names is Sofia (408 girls), the second place was taken by Maria (359), the third – by Anastasia (355), the fourth – by Anna (344), and the fifth – by Victoria (319).

According to the Acting Head of the Civil Registration Directorate of the Voronezh Region Marina Severgina, the top-5 of the most popular names almost hasn’t changed for several years. Artyom and Sofia were the leaders in 2017 too. The names Victoria (which has moved from the second place in 2017 to the fifth) and Ivan (from the second to the fourth) have receded from their positions within a year.

– I’d like to say that I’m glad that the Voronezh Region residents don’t come up strange names for their children such as BOH (Biological Object Human – the name rejected from being registered in Moscow in 2002 – RIA “Voronezh”). If there is an unusual name being registered in our region, it is usually an ordinary name for the child’s parents because of their nationality. For example, Armenian people can name their daughter Juliette – it may seem unusual to us, but in their country, this name is quite widespread, - Marina Severgina explained.