Blogging can become an official occupation in Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin admitted such a possibility while answering a question during the Direct Line on Thursday, June 7.

The question was given to the President via videoconferencing by famous blogger Natalia Krasnova. She told the President that she was a Candidate of Science, but gained her income from blogging.

Vladimir Putin noted that such people basically live off advertisements. Since such type of work is a constant source of income, he admitted the possibility of blogging being recognized an official occupation in Russia. According to him, this requires changes in legislation and the system welfare.

The state is interested in officializing the work of bloggers, - Vladimir Putin stated.

All in all, over 2 million calls were made and over 270 thousand messages were sent to the Direct Line.

The context

In 2017, the Direct Line with Vladimir Putin lasted almost four hours. During this time the Head of the State answered 73 questions. The questions had been asked by 18 women and 25 men from different cities – Murmansk, Irkutsk, Kaliningrad, the Ulyanovsk Region, Solnechnogorsk, Krasnodar and others.