Voronezh Mayor Vadim Kstenin has approved the cost of using paid city parkings which are supposed to start functioning on October 1 of 2018. The corresponding decree was published on the website of the City Hall on Friday, September 14.

According to the document, one hour of parking will cost the car’s owner 40 rubles. The cost of a day’s pass is 400 rubles. A monthly parking subscription will cost 4.5 thousand rubles, a yearly one – 50.2 thousand rubles.

In addition, there will be the so-called residential parking permission available for the city residents. It allows free parking in paid parking lots of the city within the limits of one’s living area. The size of the yearly residential fee for a single parking spot is 1.8 thousand rubles.

Parking can be paid for via ATMs and parking meters. LLC “Gorodskie Parkovki” (City Parkings) will be the parking operator.

The context

Paid parkings in Voronezh will appear on Revolution Avenue, Lenin Square, Nikitinskaya, Pushkinskaya, Teatralnaya, Koltsovskaya, Friedrich Engels, 9 Yanvarya, Srednemoskovskaya, Ordzhonikidze and 25 Oktyabrya streets. The parkings will be active from 8:00 to 20:00.

Parkings were supposed to start operating from April 1 of 2018, then the opening was postponed to late 2018. The schedule changes were related to road repairs in 20 streets where paid parking lots were to be opened. In March of 2018, Chief of the Voronezh GIBDD (State Road Traffic Safety Inspection) Yevgeny Shatalov reported that the decision on the implementation of paid parkings was being postponed due to legislation development.