The Voronezh authorities will spend up to 23 million rubles on creating a 24/7 video surveillance system in Voronezh green belts. The tender auction was announced on Sunday, June 11. The ordering party is the Regional Department of Communications and Mass Media.

According to the auction documents, the contractor is obliged to provide city’s green belts with a surveillance system before November 31 of 2017. Applications can be submitted until June 27. The auction will be held on July 3.

41 surveillance cameras have been installed in the most frequently attended parks and public gardens of Voronezh. Over 100 additional cameras will be installed in 28 green zones in 2017. This measure will help provide safety for the people.

The context

In June of 2016, Governor Alexey Gordeev ordered to increase the safety level of Voronezh citizens in city parks and public gardens and provide them with 24/7 video surveillance. Public officers were not planning to install new video cameras in 2016, but Alexey Gordeev ordered to install them “where necessary”.

– Security measures must be intensified in parks, public gardens and other public gathering areas. Should it require additional funding, we will find it, - the Head of the Region noted earlier.

The green belt list of Voronezh includes 272 objects with total area of 873 hectares. Among them are 20 parks, seven forest parks, 175 public gardens, 52 boulevards, five alleys and 11 embankments. The list of specially protected natural areas (SPNA) includes 12 green zones. In 2017, the SPNA will be complemented with 15 additional objects. The most popular park among Voronezh residents are Voronezh Central Park, “Scarlet Sails”, Durov Park and Victory Park. They are most frequently used for massive cultural events in the city.