The city authorities are planning to amount “smart” bus stops in the streets of Voronezh, the Press Service of the City Hall reported to the RIA “Voronezh” correspondent on Wednesday, June 6. In the bus stops, people will be able to charge their phones and connect to the Internet. In addition, bus stops will be informational – there will be electronic “You Are Here” maps as well as video equipment.

The pilot project is supposed to be launched in the central streets of Voronezh.

– Right now the list of streets where the first bus stops are to be mounted is being developed. The bus stops may have coffee and food machines installed in them, - the Press Service of the City Hall reported.

The bus stops will be transparent and impact-proof. They will also be equipped with illumination as part of the project named “Improving the City Appearance by Creating Architectural Illumination of Building Frontispieces in the Central Part of the City” (The Night Voronezh).

– The project is supposed to be implemented by using extrabudgetary resources. The amount of funds and the project launch date are yet unknown, - the Press Service of the City Hall noted.

Voronezh Mayor Vadim Kstenin pointed out the “smart” bus stops while speaking before the City Duma deputies with the annual report on the work of the city administration in May of 2018.