Greenpeace volunteers removed 45 kg of garbage from the bank of the Voronezh Reservoir as part of the plastic-watching campaign. As the group’s coordinator Daria Ukhanova told RIA Voronezh, the plastic was collected on Admiralteyskaya Square. The volunteers found 676 pieces of waste and 756 cigarette butts, as well as cigarette filters, on the 100-meter strip of the reservoir bank. The event was held in the capital of the Black Soil Region for the first time.

The volunteers also found glass bottles, shoes, and fishing cords. Glass containers and PET bottles were sent for recycling. The report on the cleaning was sent to Greenpeace.

Plastic-watching implies observation and study of plastic found in natural areas. As noted by Associate Professor of the Department of Environmental Education of VSPU Kirill Uspensky, the difference between plastic-watching and other rallies is that volunteers collect small garbage in a small area.

Greenpeace Russia will conduct inspections until September 30. They will inspect areas by any water reservoirs. Anyone can choose a hundred-meter shore strip, collect waste, sort it into categories, calculate it and send a report to the environmental organization. The results of the rally will help make a list of the main types of plastic garbage that pollutes water bodies. The organization will propose banning a part of them or restricting their production and use in Russia.

The next plastic-watching event will take place on Saturday, August 24, on Sportivnaya Embankment. Volunteers will gather at 10:00. To participate, one needs to register. Everyone needs to bring a pair of gloves.