Voronezh has ranked 15th in the rating of the most creative and innovative cities in Russia prepared by the Calvert 22 foundation in association with PwC on Wednesday, April 3. Experts studied 20 cities across five main indicator groups.

The overall index of Voronezh amounted to 44.64 points. According to RBK, Voronezh has ranked fourth in terms of quality of higher education. Also, the city ended up in the eighth position in the effectiveness of interaction with the government and entered the top ten of cities in the development of the educational environment for creative professionals.

In compiling the ranking, the researchers evaluated five main blocks reflecting key elements of the urban environment. In particular, the attractiveness of the city for living was assessed in the “City” and “People” blocks, the availability of opportunities for the realization of creative potential - in the “Business” and “Power” blocks, and aspects related to the perception of the city and cultural recognition — in “Branding". The analysts relied on official statistics, popular Internet services, reports of consulting companies; also, the researchers conducted a survey of 2 thousand creative professionals and questioning of expert groups in the regions.

Moscow is recognized as the most creative and innovative city of Russia with an index of 69.31 points. It is followed by St. Petersburg – 65.11 points, and Kazan took the third place with an index of 57.24 points. The researchers noted that, according to some indicators, cities in the regions outran Moscow and St. Petersburg in the development of a new economy. For example, Kazan took the first place in the general education of the population.

The Creative Capital Index is a system for assessing the realized and hidden potential of cities in the new economy field. The ranking was launched in 2016. At that point, only nine cities had entered the pilot version. The Calvert 22 Foundation was founded in 2009 and aimed at supporting creative and innovative projects, developing human capital and popularizing the topic of creative industries in Russia. PwC in Russia provides auditing and business consulting services, as well as tax and legal services to companies in various industries.