Denis Shchigaev, a Voronezh resident with Down Syndrome, wrote a letter to the captain of the Russian National Football Team Artyom Dzyuba. The forward responded with a video message on Thursday, November 14.

Dzyuba received the message from the Voronezh resident as part of the “#LetterToFootballer” movement of the Love Syndrome charity foundation. It was launched prior to the opening of the futsal competition among people with Down Syndrome. The tournament that has begun in Moscow on November 13 involves a team from Voronezh - the coaching staff of the Fakel double had a hand in its preparation for the competition. Denis Shchigaev, a player of this team, wrote to Artyom Dzyuba. The Voronezh resident wished the forward to become the top scorer in the history of the Russian National Team.

In response, Dzyuba recorded a video message, which was published on the official page of the Russian National Football Team on Instagram.

- It is very nice to receive so many letters. Cheer for the Russian team, watch football, your attention is very dear to us, thank you,” said the country's most popular footballer.

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Football has no boundaries and unites absolutely everyone. For people with Down Syndrome, football is more than a just game. It helps them better interact with the outside world. We are pleased to support the @Syndromeoflove charity foundation, which is developing football for people with an extra chromosome. On November 13 and 14, a futsal competition among people with Down Syndrome is being held in Moscow representing the first event of this format in Russia. It involves 13 teams from ten cities. There was also organized the #LetterToFootballer charity event as part of which children, teenagers and young people wrote very touching letters to the players. We are very grateful for such kind words addressed to us! Children with Down Syndrome especially need the support of others. Without this, there would be no project “Football for Children with Down Syndrome”. You can learn more details and help children continue to play football on the website

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