Yana Vorona, a trainee of the Shtukman Olympic Reserve Sports School won two gold medals at the international tournament Elite Gym Massilia in France, which ended on Sunday, November 24. Vorona became the best in both individual and team all-around.

Yana Vorona won the beam exercises having achieved the result of 13.750 points and received 13.6 points for the vault. Floor exercises gave the 14-year-old gymnast 12.450 points and her performances on the uneven bars - 12.9.

“This French tournament is a stage of preparation for more important competitions. Yana is a member of the Russian National Team, she will qualify for participating in the Olympic Games. There is a chance that for the first time in history two Voronezh gymnasts will perform at the Olympics - Angelina Melnikova and Yana Vorona. The most important thing is to avoid injuries, and the athletes will work tirelessly,” explained Ivan Tsitsilin, director of the Shtukman Olympic Reserve Sports School.