Voronezh progressive-folk band Abstractor became one of the winners of international ethnic music Russian World Music Awards. The band was acknowledged as “the best new project”. The awards ceremony took place in Moscow on Saturday, December 8.

One of the creators of the band, multi-instrumentalist Ivan Sukharev told that the Moscow festival audience gave the band a warm welcome.

– We were hoping to win but weren’t expecting to, so it came as a surprise to us. The more so as there are so many interesting ethnic projects in the country – given the competition, we felt twice as flattered to receive such a high appraisal of our art. I think that this award will provide us, as musicians, with a powerful impulse for further productive work. We are hoping to catch the attention of festival organizers, not to mention new fans. Some are already taking note of us, which is surely good news, - Ivan Sukharev shared.

The musicians of Abstractor confessed that they felt a bit worried prior to the performance in the capital since the jury of Russian World Music Awards included such acknowledged experts in ethnic music as Sergey Starostin, Inna Zhelannaya, Andrey Konot, and Boris Bazurov.

– These people are what have inspired us, so we consider it a great gift of fate to be among them, - Ivan Sukharev noted.

The Abstractor band was founded in 2016 and made its first appearance before the Voronezh audience at the Jazz Province Festival. Already in the summer of 2017, Abstractor became the winner of the “Experiment” category of the “Mir Sibiri” (The world of Siberia) ethnic music and crafts festival, after which it performed in Voronezh again at the local music band festival “Takie”. In the autumn of 2018, the musicians recorded their debut album and uploaded it to the Internet, and on Saturday, December 6, they first presented it to the public in their hometown.

The band’s name consists of two words – abstraction, as a means of artistic expression, and tractor, as a symbol of today’s countryside. The band creates music based on folk melodies processed into an original contemporary music material.

– Aside from folk, our art includes features of pop and rock music, as well as avant-garde and a lot more. Today, different music trends interweave and take various forms. I think that even authentic folklore in its pure form today sounds very fresh, and all the more so when it is given an interesting and non-primitive adaptation. Our current repertoire includes two rearranged folk songs and another one in the process, but we mostly rely on entirely original material, - Ivan Sukharev told.

The band includes four musicians who also play together in several other Voronezh bands. One of the creators of the band is pianist, singer, and composer Yaroslav Borisov (HAPPY55, Drugoe Delo, TsEY). The folk element is the responsibility of Ivan Sukharev – a singer from Ternovka who plays gusli, reed pipes, pan flutes, ukulele, and other folk instruments. Alexander Bityutskikh (HAPPY55, Drugoe Delo, TsEY, EvaEva) is on the drums, and Oleg Salkov plays the bass (Drugoe Delo, TsEY, EvaEva).