Employees of Voronezh creative agency “Manufactura” took part in the work on the interfaces of applications for Russian smartphone YotaPhone 2, the agency’s director Dmitry Provotorov told the RIA “Voronezh” reporter. “Manufactura” is engaged in the development of interfaces for mobile applications that run on the main and external (one of the main features of YotaPhone 2) screens.

According to Dmitry Provotorov, “Manufactura” was chosen by the developer - Yota Devices company.

- We were recommend to the developer and they chose us. We met, made a few tentative steps. After that, we received an order to develop interfaces for ten mobile applications, - the director of “Manufactura” told.

A part of the agency’s team went to Moscow to work in Yota Devices’ office. In the capital, the employees of “Manufactura” were working for two weeks under the direction of the company’s art directors – the developers of the smartphone on the applications’ interfaces that run in dual mode - on the main and external screens of the smartphone (the external black and white screen on e-ink and the main color AMOLED-screen).

- In our trip we were mainly working on the external screen – developing the clock, the widgets. The first step was to create prototypes, and then we moved to the interfaces. The programming was done by Yota Devices’ development department, - Dmitry Provotorov explained.

“Manufactura” was guided by Google’s new recommendations on mobile apps interfaces for operating system Android - Google Material Design. A set of standards from Google appeared in the autumn of 2014 with the intention to make Android more modern and user-friendly.

- Some of the interfaces were made entirely by us, for some interfaces icons, illustrations, grids were given. Basically - the first – was written by the director of “Manufactura” in the column for online publication siliconrus.com. 

Contract with Yota Devices is an invaluable experience for “Manufactura” and an opportunity to once again express themselves outside of Voronezh. According to Dmitry Provotorov, “Manufactura” has developed many projects signing non-disclosure agreements with the customers - in other words, it has no right to talk about its work on them. YotaPhone2 is a pleasant exception in this regard.

- Pretty quick hardware and software update is planned for YotaPhone2. This is a very challenging project with interesting ideas, and it will develop - the director of “Manufactura” noted.

RIA “Voronezh” Note for Information

YotaPhone2 is a solution of Russian international company Yota Devices, which has replaced the first model of YotaPhone. YotaPhone is the world’s first dual-screen smartphone with the LCD main screen and e-ink external screen. Unlike its predecessor, YotaPhone 2 has an external touch screen, other features of the smartphone have been also improved. Sales of YotaPhone 2 in Russia started in December 2014.