The Voronezh Region will receive more than 69.2 million rubles from the federal budget in 2017 for the development of rural areas. The corresponding decree signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev appeared on the Government’s website on Tuesday, January 24.

The subsidies are allocated as part of The Federal Target Program “Sustainable Development of Rural Areas for 2014-2017 and for the Period up to 2020”, which is part of the State Program for the Development of Agriculture and Agricultural Products, Raw Materials and Food Markets Regulation for 2013-2020. The Government distributed nearly 6.8 billion rubles between the country’s subjects.

The money are allocated for the villagers’ housing improvement, including young families and young professionals; for the complex provision of rural areas with social and engineering infrastructure; for the provision of grants to support local initiatives of the rural areas’ residents.

The Prime Minister also signed a decree on the allocation of nearly 43.3 million rubles to the Voronezh Region for the provision of social benefits to young families for the purchase or construction of housing.