The Voronezh Region entered the list of regions producing the highest quality bread, specialists of Roskachesnvo reported on Tuesday, June 26. The experts studied 176 brands of bread from 62 regions of Russia.

The all-Russian bread quality research began in July of 2017. It was conducted by specialists of Roskachestvo jointly with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. Bread was checked by 50 factors of quality and safety. There were a total of three areas of focus: correspondence with mandatory technical regulation requirements, GOSTs (state standards) and high standards of Roskachestvo.

Specialists checked the bread for pesticides, phosphates and traces of potato disease, determined such physical and chemical parameters as humidity, ash content, the amount of gluten as well as naturalness of the product. The experts thoroughly examined the quality of all ingredients.

According to the results, 86% of analyzed products correspond to all legislations requirements, while 32% of them exceed the existing GOSTs in all their consumer properties and qualify for receiving the State Quality Mark. Apart from the Voronezh Region, the leaders in high quality bread production are the Saratov Region and Stavropol Krai.

During the inspection, not a single case of microbiological deviations in bread had been discovered, and not a single one of checked sliced bread contained any chemical pollutants.