The Voronezh Region entered the preliminary list of pilot projects for the development of organic production, the Press Service of the Regional Government has reported. The region was included in the list at the request of Governor Alexander Gusev to Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Dmitry Patrushev. The head of the region and Director of the Department of Science and Technology Policy and Education of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Avdeyenko held a meeting on Monday, December 10.

Vladimir Avdeyenko called the Voronezh Region “one of the most priority regions in Russia in the field of the development of the agro-industrial complex and in terms of export, scientific and technological potential.”

– We hope that this is not just a pilot, but rather a benchmark for the implementation of science and technology policy in the agro-industrial sector, the director of the Department of the Agriculture and Food Ministry said.

According to Vladimir Avdeyenko, the systematic work will be carried out in the region under the following programs 

• development of breeding and seed production of sugar beet;
• production of feed and feed additives;
• breeding cattle (meat and dairy breeds);
• development of selection and seed production of oilseeds.

The structure, scale and development model of the network of agricultural universities will change to meet the needs of macroregions. The authorities will single out the leading group of educational institutions, on the basis of which they will create research and educational centers, agricultural research universities and basic universities.

– We are sure that such a university should appear in the Voronezh Region. Today we have a strong university, but we need to make it an institution of the level of national leaders in agricultural education, Vladimir Avdeyenko commented.