The Voronezh Region took the 20th place in the ranking of investment attractiveness of Russian regions. The top 20 regions ranking was published by Raex agency on Friday, January 18.

In compiling the ranking, the analysts relied on Rosstat data and the federal agencies’ statistics. The researchers took into account the investment potential and integral risk. The first parameter showed what place the region occupied in the all-Russian market, and the second one – what scale of one or another problem in the region can be for an investor. When calculating, they also took into account labor, financial, industrial, consumer, institutional, infrastructural, natural and resource, tourism and innovation potentials.

The leader of the ranking was Moscow. The second and third lines were taken by St. Petersburg and the Moscow Region. The rating also includes the Krasnodar Territory, the Sverdlovsk, the Rostov, the Volgograd regions.