The Voronezh Region took the fourth place in the National Ranking of Travel Brands, the Press Center of the Regional Government reported on Wednesday, November 21. The region was in the top 3 in the categories “Aquarium”, “Regional Museum” and “Amusement Park”.

The Voronezh Region is represented by three out of 63 regional brands in the ranking. The region was represented by the Voronezh Aquarium in “Aquarium” category, by the Oldenburg Palace Complex in “Regional Museum” category, and by City Park “Grad” in “Amusement Park” category.

The brands were evaluated by recognition, tourist attractiveness, loyalty, financial performance of the owner, the cost of creating and promoting, the amount of investment and media activity of the owner.

The Belgorod, the Vologda, the Rostov, the Tver and the Yaroslavl regions, the Republic of Bashkortostan and Mordovia were in the fourth place together with the Voronezh Region. The first place in the ranking was taken by the Moscow Region, represented by six brands.