Voronezh athlete Angelina Melnikova was included in the list of the most beautiful gymnasts of the World Artistic Gymnastics Championship, which was held in Canada from the 2nd to the 8th of October, 2017. The top-7 most charming participants of the competition was compiled by journalists of sports portal "Championat". The list of beauties also includes Maria Paseka (Russia), Pauline Schaefer (Germany), Lara Mori (Italy), Elizabeth Black (Canada), Elizabeth Zeitz (Germany) and Giulia Steingruber (Switzerland). The review was based on the most popular photos (from personal and sports life), which the gymnasts published on their pages in Instagram.

Angelina Melnikova is represented by three photographs. The Voronezh athlete accompanied one of the photoes with a post about her hobbies and asked her followers what they liked to do in their spare time.

My dear ones! Tell me what you like to do and how you spend your free time. I think everyone knows that I take up SPORT GYMNASTICS and training takes the major part of my time. But very few people know what I like besides gymnastics. So, maybe it’s hard to believe, bit I love to LEARN! This may sound weard, but this is me. I'm fond of books (if you like books write +) and photography. I like to be photographed as well, but I like editing photos more, I can do it for hours. I adore watching movies, my favorite genres are fantasy, action. I can not live without music. I also like creams, scrubs and all sorts of different things to take care of myself. I also love stuffed toysAnd what do you like? And what do you do?

In the post to her other photo, Angelina Melnikova confessed that she missed her native Voronezh.

I miss my native Voronezh ... I guess it misses me too ...

Angelina published another photo before the all-around.

The context

Angelina Melnikova, a trainee of the Voronezh Specialized Children and Youth Sports School of the Olympic Reserve named after Shtukman took the 16th place in the personal all-around final of the World Artistic Gymnastics Championship. The athlete showed a score of 51.341 points. Melnikova suggested that the quality of her performance could be affected by the trauma - two weeks ago, she twisted her ankle.
After the unsuccessful performance, Melnikova apologized to her fans on her personal page in Instagram.

I know that now there will be a lot of comments and discussions in bad style and so on ... I am sorry, I am trying to do my job! But this year is very hard, I honestly try, but alas ... I will continue to train, I think I must overcome it. After all, there are no ups without downs! We all make mistakes. I curse myself and I am angry with myself no less than you are angry with me. Everybody learns from mistakes! I do not console myself, but I just do not want anyone to think that I do not care. I also want it to be always good, but there are runs of good luck, and there are runs of bad luck. I had a run of good luck in 2016, now it is the turn of a run of bad luck. After all, so many athletes fell to the very bottom and then climbed to the heights! I feel uncomfortable when this happens. But it would be easier to give up, but I try not to do it. I apologize once again!