Voronezh studio Wizart Animation came to terms about cooperation with the leaders in Chinese animation. According to the studio’s press service, Wizart Animation producers Yury Moskvin and Vladimir Nikolaev had a work trip to China, took part in the First International Co-production Summit and met the management of Chinese animation studio ORI Animation.

The question discussed during the meeting with the Chinese studio was creating a joint Russian and Chinese animation product.

– In was our first working meeting with ORI Animation studio, - executive producer of Wizart Animation Vladimir Nikolaev told the RIA “Voronezh” reporter. – We and our Chinese colleagues came to a mutual agreement about creating a joint project. This project will be developed by us together with Chinese script writers for wide release both in Russian and Europe. There are multidimensional projects being discussed, and in the nearest future we will have to decide weather it will be a short-length cartoon about the Silk Route or a full-length animation film. We’re also considering the opportunity of a closer cooperation in the already existing Wizart Animation projects. One way or another, it is safe to say that it will be a full-fledged partnership. ORI Animation is in the top-10 studios in China. Yes, they are still learning a lot, but they have great production resources. Today, by combining the energy and knowledge, studios of Russia and China can create a production alliance that will be able to compete with major western animation studios head-to-head.

The Russian animators have a lot to share with their Chinese colleagues, it says in the message. For example, the system of state support of production of majors (giant market-forming corporations) with maximum commercial potential (similar to the Cinema Fund of the Russian Federation, when support is provided to most potentially successive films) was lunched just recently. Wizart Animation company, making its films with support of Cinema Fund of the Russian Federation and having a positive experience of distribution in foreign countries, is quite experienced in creating a unique product popular all over the world.

Also, the general Chinese audience will be introduced to the Russian animation in the near future. The cartoon by Wizart Animation – “Snow Queen” – will be the first full-length animation film to be released for box office in 3000 film theaters supported by Flame Node distributor. And during the next winter, simultaneously with the North American audience, the Chinese audience will see “Snow Queen 2”. Both deals were closed during the work at the joint 2014/2015 RUSSIAN CINEMA stand markets.