Female basketball players of “Voronezh-SKIF” won the Super League Championship for the first time in the history of Voronezh basketball on Tuesday, April 28. In the second game of the until-two-wins series, trainees of head coach Vadim Burakov defeated “Politekh-SamGTU” from Samara with the score of 64:60.

Voronezh girls determined the fate of the championship series in only two games. The first one took place on April 24 in Samara: “Voronezh-SKIF” had a clear-cut victory with a 12 point score difference – 61:49. Prior to the start of the series, head coach of the Voronezh team Vadim Burakov expressed his doubts that his trainees would have an advantage in the home game since both teams would have to spend the same amount of time on trips and preparations. By the end of the first half of the game in Voronezh, Samara basketball players managed to get ahead by two points, but the superiority turned out to be short-lived, and Voronezh girls brought the game and the series to a victorious end.