Deputies of the Voronezh Regional Duma intent to address the State Duma with a proposition to oblige real estate developers to build recreation grounds in the courtyards of future resident houses. The legislative initiative project was discussed by members of the Regional Duma Committee for Physical Culture and Sports on Tuesday, September 27.

The bill was initiated by Chair of the Committee Yevgeny Khamin. Voronezh Duma members suggested amendments to the federal law “About Physical Culture and Sports in the Russian Federation”. According to the deputies, the bill must insure the mandatory nature of the standard of providing citizens with recreation grounds in real estate development (which currently is recommendatory). In addition, Duma members offered to define the concept of a “recreation ground”, in the bill which currently does not include one. Because of that, any site equipped with sports equipment can be considered a recreation ground.

The bill will be developed before the end of October. After that, Duma members will discuss the construction standards of sports objects in the courtyards of apartment buildings to be met by local government bodies. Deputies and authorities are to settle the issue of responsibility for maintenance and service of recreation grounds after they are put into commission by real estate developers.