Voronezh group of thrill seekers Wout posted a video of their rise to a 350-meter television tower A-330 in Galich (the Kostroma Region) on Thursday, June 8. The residents of Voronezh walked along a wire fixed on the structure.

The project was called “100 Steps Over the Abyss”. On the day the video was posted, the tower was pulled out with explosion.

The thrill seekers performed the stunt in the winter. According to Bogdan Korzhenevsky, Administrator of Wout Group in VKontakte social network, the guys went to the tower in the cold season, because they knew that the structure would be demolished soon.

According to the thrill seekers, it was their second trip to the tower. When they came there for the first time, they realized that they were not ready for such a project, and “everything ended with intelligence.”

- This is the coolest project I’ve ever participated in. We managed to do it only thanks to the big luck, patience and harmonious command work. I was so tired that I wanted to leave the expensive equipment, go down from the tower and leave. No one has ever done it before, Bogdan Korzhenevsky wrote on his page in VKontakte social network.


Bogdan Korzhenevsky performed a rope jump from a tower crane with an eight-meter St. George ribbon on the Victory Day. According to the guy, the training took 10 days. In March, the group of Voronezh thrill seekers posted a video of an ice floe ride on the River Don. The young people played volleyball and were skiing on the shore riding a motor boat.