“Tobus”, “Bakery Plant №2” and “Bakery Plant №1” won the gold at the All-Russian “Innovations and Traditions” Expo. The expo was held in Moscow on November 25 through 28.

“Tobus” received the gold for its “Kerensky” mixed rye-wheat bread, the “Lakomka” pastry and dried “Happy Tea Party” biscuits with poppy seed, “Bakery Plant №2” – for its “Gubenrsky” and “Chernavsky” bread, and “Bakery Plant №1” – for its wheaten bread made of first grade flour.

In addition, “Bakery Plant №2” won a silver medal of the expo for its “Rzhanoi Lekar” (Rye Healer) bread, for sliced bread made of first grade flour, for a stuffed strudel, for the “Moskovskaya Novaya” bun, “Bakery Plant №7” – for “Koltsovsky” and “Nikitinsky” long bread loaves, “Bakery Plant №1” – for its “Chainoe Lakomstvo” (Tea Delicacy) pastry. JSC “Tobus” won a silver medal for its new Ukrainian bread and wheaten bread made of first-grade flour as well as dried “Chelnochny Novy” and “Malyshok” biscuits.

“Bakery Plant №1” also received a bronze medal for its “Assorti Polyanka” pastry.

The Voronezh Bread Company won the Grand Prize of “The Best Innovative Product of the Year” Contest “For preserving the traditions of Russian breadmaking and high quality of bread and bakery products”.

The context

The Voronezh Region entered the list of regions producing the highest quality bread. Specialists of Roskachestvo (Noncommercial Organization “Russian Quality System”) have examined 176 bakery brands from 62 Russian regions.

The all-Russian bread quality research began in July of 2017. The results were published in June of 2018. The bread was tested for 50 quality and safety factors. There were three basic research areas: compliance with the mandatory requirements of technical regulations, government standards, and advanced Roskachestvo standards.