Scientists at the Voronezh State Medical University n. a. Burdenko came up with a new wound-healing agent, the university’s press service reported on Thursday, August 15. The specialists have already managed to obtain three patents for their inventions.

The new remedy containing rubidium chloride quickly eliminates local signs of the inflammatory process, reduces swelling and accelerates wound healing. Moreover, the drug has a therapeutic effect in the treatment of various skin and mucous membrane injuries – wounds, cracks, pressure sores, trophic ulcers of various origins, and singes. The drug has no contraindications, and it does not cause allergic reactions.

The agent was developed by pharmacologists, surgeons, morphologists and pharmaceutical chemists of the university under the leadership of the university’s vice-rector Andrei Budnevsky. The scientific experiments went on for three years. During this time, the university team has already received three patents: “Medicinal product for accelerating wound healing containing rubidium chloride in the form of a powder”, “Medicinal product for accelerating the healing of purulent wounds containing rubidium chloride in the form of a solution”, and “Powder dosage form for accelerating the reduction of osteomyelitis containing rubidium chloride.”

Scientists are currently going to continue studying the effects of rubidium compounds and compare the effectiveness of various dosage forms. The university’s press service was unable to promptly answer the question about the possibility of launching the product in mass production, offering to send an official request.