Scientists of the Voronezh State University (VSU) have developed a new effective sorbing agent which is cheaper than foreign analogs and easier to manufacture. This was reported by the VSU Press Service on Tuesday, December 4. The development can be used to clean the water from heavy metals and pollution, act as an active substance carrier in medicine and be used as a chemical catalyst and coating in electronics.

As compared to modern foreign sorbing agents (Sigma Aldrich, Sued Sigma Aldrich, Sued Chemie), the uniqueness of the Voronezh development lies in the new synthesis technology allowing to reduce the reaction time to less than a day. Also, the conditions for the progressing reaction do not require such strict supervision as in the production of the analogs. It means that the agent will cost considerably less for the consumers.

The sorbing agent is a multifunctional mesoporous mesophase material of the MM group. This group of agents is superior to the traditionally used silica gel, absorbent carbon, and zeolites: more surface area, narrow pore size allocation, an ability to change the texture and characteristics of the material. The Voronezh synthesis technology is based on physical, chemical and biological approaches. Its production implies non-waste recycling of natural raw materials.


The author of the project, Candidate of Chemical Sciences Lilia Sinyaeva is negotiating with the GalaKhim Company about cooperation. In the future, the sorbing agent is to be manufactured at a specifically created facility among the co-founders of which will be the VSU.