Governor of the Voronezh Region recommended including a section about increasing the human capital assets in the regional strategy of social and economic development before 2030 (“Strategy-2030”). The Head of the Region stated the task to Head of the Department of the Economic Development Anatoly Bukreev during the visiting session of the Regional Government in Kantemirovsky District on Wednesday, August 24.

The current strategy will expire in the end of 2016. “Strategy-2030” is supposed to provide continuation of goals and priorities of the current strategic documents. Anatoly Bukreev reported that the new strategy will be accepted in January of 2019. By that time, the document has to be approved in all federal ministries.

– Let us provide social and cultural development for the sake of increasing the human capital assets. There is no point in simply investing funds in creating infrastructure – education, health care, culture – without professional personnel. We need determination in creating human resources able to meet competition, - Alexey Gordeev stressed.

Specialists have already specified the approximate structure of “Strategy-2030”. 14 task groups consisting of 342 participants have already been created, their work schedules have been approved. Representatives of executive government bodies and local authorities began studying the methods of strategic planning. It will allow them to become more qualified for coordinated and efficient work in implementing the regional plan for the period before 2030.