Voronezh streets will be complemented with their pre-revolution names, the Press Service of the City Hall reported to the RIA “Voronezh” correspondent. The initiative of Director of the Zonal Library of VSU Arkady Minakov was approved at the session of the City Commission for Cultural Heritage on Tuesday, December 18.

Not all streets will receive their pre-revolution names. The list of streets to be affected by the changes will be decided on by a task group. Member of the City Commission for Cultural Heritage will have to vote for each additional name.

– The task group will analyze the proposed streets and pick a part of them for implementing the next pre-revolution name restoration stage. After that, we will surely ask the citizens about what they think about this idea, - Head of the Department of Culture Andrei Kharitonov noted.

– The addition of names will in no way cause any trouble. Citizens will not have to change their residency registration – streets will not be renamed. Buildings will be equipped with tablets stating their pre-revolution names. Such tablets currently exist on Revolutsii Avenue. The old name – Bolshaya Dvoryanskaya – will be stated near the actual address, - the Press Service of the City Hall noted.