Ukrainian boxer Alexander Usik has beaten Russian boxer Andrei Knyazev. The fight for the Intercontinental Champion Title of the World Boxing Organization (WBO) took place in Kiev on Saturday, April 18. The referee stopped the fight in the 8th round and gave the victory by technical knockout to Usik.

In general, the fight’s course demonstrated the superiority of the remaining title owner – the Ukrainian boxer. In the third round, Knyazev started bleeding, in the fifth he had a discission under his eye. Finally, the referee decided to end the fight in the 8th round due to an injury received by the Russian sportsman and registered the victory of Alexander Usik’s by a technical knockout.

The fight in Kiev became the 13th professional fight for 29 year old Voronezh boxer Andrei Knyazev, he now has 11 wins (6 of them by knockouts) and two defeats. Before the fight with 28 year old Alexander Usik, Knyazev was in the 15th place of WBO heavyweight ranking, his opponent was in the 3rd place. In addition, Usik has won the golden medal during the Olympic Games in London in 2012. The statistics of the Ukrainian fighter are the following – seven wins in seven fights, all of them by a knockout.

Knyazev considered the fight with Usik as the hardest fight in his career. In doing so, both sportsmen stated that they didn’t see anything political in the fight and spoke about each other with emphatic respect.