The exhibition named “The First World War. The Deed of Forgotten Heroes” dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the ending of the First World War will open at the Voronezh Regional Museum of Local History (29, Plekhanovskaya Street) on Friday, December 14. RIA “Voronezh” journalists saw the exposition a day before its official launch.

It represents documents, weapons, flags, clothes, and photographs.


Many materials are dedicated to the regiments that had participated in the First World War and were named after chief towns of districts of the Voronezh Region or formed mostly out of Voronezh residents. It includes the 124th Voronezh Infantry Regiment, the 226th Zemlyansky Infantry Regiment, which had executed the famous Attack of Dead Men, in the Osowiec Fortress, and others.


– The recent research indicated that there were 97 Full Cavaliers of the Cross of Saint George among Voronezh region natives. According to the latest data, their total number in Russia is around 40 thousand, - curator of the exhibition and Deputy Director of the museum Alexander Kuleshov told.


Museum visitors can find information about each of their fellow townsman Cavaliers of the Cross of Saint George in the electronic guide of the exhibition.

The exposition includes personal belongings of an Ostrogorzhsk native and famous commander Andrey Snesarev: his binocular glasses, shoulder straps and military decorations.


Among the earlier undisplayed exhibits is a bayonet of a German rifle made in 1898, the leather binding of which has an inscription: “Captured in the Narva riverbed, 1916”. A soldier’s “bebut” blade used by the lower ranks of infantry and artillery units was found in 1967 upon the demolitions of a building on Kirova Street.


The exhibition will remain open until the end of 2019. The age limit is 6+.