Andrey Zvyagin, a research assistant at the Department of Optics and Spectroscopy of the Faculty of Physics of the Voronezh State University has developed a new way to protect eyes from laser radiation. It is a special coating that allows you to control the intensity of laser radiation. The development can be used at industrial sites and in medicine, the press service of the university reported on Wednesday, December 11.

The need for protection arose due to the development of laser technologies in medicine and industrial production - there is a risk of eye damage when using radiation. The innovation of the development is in the original materials with unique hybrid features due to the combination of inorganic and organic structures. The membranes do not change the color perception of the optics to which they are applied. Instead, they can absorb or scatter the flux of rays thus limiting the radiation power depending on the optical response.

“In order to protect the organs of vision and radiation receivers, we use glasses with special optical filters, active polarizing optical filters, and electro-optical shutters. All these devices have significant drawbacks: glasses with linear optical filters cannot protect eyes at the intensity of about 107 W/cm2, glasses with active optical filters do not work immediately and require additional power supplies, electro-optical shutters require high voltage and a feedback system to operate. Our development of passive optical power limiters does not require additional power sources and feedback system since the limiting effect will be based on the interaction of radiation with the active substance,” Andrey Zvyagin explained.