Voronezh Concern “Sozvezdiye” JSC has planned the production of a line of civil radio stations designed by Artemy Lebedev Studio. The first prototypes will be produced in 2019, the company representatives told RIA Voronezh on Wednesday, November 28. The product development is carried out in the head office of the concern in Voronezh. The devices will be produced there as well.

Digital SDR-radio will be sold in the middle price segment relative to other major manufacturers. The product line includes three versions of the device: portable, automobile and stationary. The radios are protected from moisture, dust and falls. The digital stuffing will ensure the operation of information protection and interference suppression systems. High-quality operation of the portable version is possible at a distance of up to 10 km; as for the stationary one – it is up to 30 km. The radios use common data transmission standards, making them compatible with other third-party professional devices.

– It is worth emphasizing that each radio station has elements that will serve in the future for recognizing the appearance of the concern’s civil products, brand creation and attracting interested buyers, the company notes.

However, the radio does not contain the trademark logo on the renders and photographs.

The portable version of the radio is made in two versions – with a display and a keyboard and without them. The “advanced” version will enable sending text messages and making voice calls, like on the phone. The photo posted on Artemiy Lebedev Studio’s website shows GLONASS • GPS inscription on the antenna. Perhaps the radio will have a navigation feature. The version without a display will have only conversations function.

The designers have also developed a headset – a headset with a microphone. Photos of the automobile and stationary versions of the radios are not presented.